Types of Solar

Solar systems comes in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs

Weather you are looking for solar for you home, for your business/factory/farm, for an off-grid site or if you need backup power due to regular grid outages: There is a solar system that makes sense for you.

Different situations have different needs, there is an abundance of free solar energy available from the sun every day across the planet. Let us see if there is a viable solution that works for your specific situation with investment and returns that make sense.

Residential Grid-tie Solar for Homes

Produce your own power
Save on electrical bills
Do your part for the environment
Feed your excess power into the grid
Take advantage of the $5k grant and $40k loan program

Commercial Grid-tie Solar businesses, farms, factories

Utilize the 30% Tax Credit for Solar
Accelerated CapEx depreciation
Save on electrical bills
Feed your excess power into the grid for a credit

Backup Power

Battery power to keep you going during an outage
Energy security
Power outage = No problem!

Off-Grid Power

Cabins, Cottages, Homes
Full Off Grid systems
Solar + Batteries + Generator integration

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