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It's the Best option if have no other options for power

" Off-Grid Power, it's the light side of the Force! "

Benefits of an Off-Grid System

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How Off-Grid Power works:

Off-Grid systems are the best option if you don’t have any other options for power.

Off-Grid systems are usually expensive because you need to plan for the worst. 

An Off-Grid system requires

  • Batteries to store energy
  • An inverter to convert the stored energy to usable AC power
  • A method of charging the batteries, in most cases solar power is ideal, but wind, hydro or even a generator can do


Off-Grid systems can scale up and down as your needs dictate, from a few basic things to keep on, to a fully running guest lodge up to multi container solutions that can power whole villages or facilities.

Your solar will supply the loads directly and the surplus going into the batteries, when the batteries are full, the solar will throttle back to match only the required load. In the evenings you will run off your stored energy from the batteries. In the event that the solar did not produce enough power to charge the batteries for the evening, a backup generator will start and charge the batteries to a safe level before shutting down again.


Lithium batteries, although more expensive, are ideal for Off-Grid systems because of their long lifespan and greatly improved performance over lead acid batteries. There are multiple rack mounted lithium storage solutions available currently. These are particularly good because they offer a nice workable form factor and are very easy to scale up if you need more capacity. You simply add more batteries to the stack.

Off-Grid inverter need to be big and tough to start bigger loads like pumps and compressors. You will know them by their weight, with their power and quality comes a hefty weight: Victron, SMA, Schneider are among the best in industry and have long track records doing powerful reliable Off-Grid solutions.

IceBerg Solar has over 200 Energy Storage (ESS), Backup and Off-grid installations to our credit.

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Other Solar System Options

Residential Grid-tie Solar for Homes

Produce your own power
Save on electrical bills
Do your part for the environment
Feed your excess power into the grid
Take advantage of the $5k grant and $40k loan program

Commercial Grid-tie Solar businesses, farms, factories

Utilize the 30% Tax Credit for Solar
Accelerated CapEx depreciation
Save on electrical bills
Feed your excess power into the grid for a credit

Backup Power

Battery power to keep you going during an outage
Energy security
Power outage = No problem!