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Benefits of a Backup Solar Power System

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Benefits of a Backup Solar Power System

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How Backup Power works:

The purpose of a backup system is to keep certain critical loads on during a power outage.

It can be quite expensive to place your whole house on a backup system because then you probably need a very large backup system, so in most cases the sensible thing to do is to decide on which critical loads need to stay on when the power goes out. Usually these are things like lights, plugs, security systems, air circulation fans, the fans for your gas heating system and any low power draw items that offer some creature comforts.

Backup systems can scale up and down as your needs dictate, from a few basic things to keep on, to a fully running home that is essentially an off-grid system that has a grid supply.

A generator would be an optional extra if you required longer cover. Generators can range from a simple home portable generator that you manually start to large units that are controlled by the inverter system automatically as needed.

In most cases we will build a backup system so your solar can keep working during an outage.

While the grid is on, your solar system will act as a normal grid-tie system supplying your house with power and feeding any excess into the grid.

When the grid is out your batteries act as the storage for excess solar power until they are full, then the solar throttles back to match the consumption of the house.

Some of the well-known brands of backup inverters are: Victron, SMA, Schneider, SolArk. Recently the big grid-tie brands have also brought out backup capable inverters: SolarEdge, Enphase, SMA and most other brands have something in development.

IceBerg Solar has over 200 Energy Storage (ESS), Backup and Off-grid installations to our credit.

Backup System Line Diagram

How Solar and Net Metering works:

1.  The sun shines down on your solar panels. Solar panels generate DC  (Direct Current) power.

2.  The inverter is the heart of the operation. It converts the DC power from the solar panels to AC power that used in the home. Inverters come in different shapes and sizes: String and hybrid inverters are larger and usually mounted on a wall outside or in the garage. Micro inverters are mounted on the roof under the panels.

3.  Your generated solar power is first consumed by your home. Any excess solar power is fed back into the grid. If you need more power than you generate, it is supplied from the grid as required. The BC Hydro grid essentially becomes your buffer for all your surplus and shortfall energy.

4.  Most homes already have a Smart Meter installed. The meter will measure how much energy is fed to the grid and how much is consumed by the home.

5.  BC Hydro gives you a 1:1 kWh credit for all power you feed into the grid.  Excess credit kWh’s is kept on your account until the anniversary date of your system. You can build up a credit in the summer and offset your entire annual electricity bill to close to zero. It’s basically one of the best deals on the planet!!

Learn more about the rates on BC Hydro Website

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