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Benefits of a Residential Solar System

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If you’re looking for the best solar installation company in Coldstream, British Columbia, look no further than Iceberg Solar. Our 12 years of experience allow us to provide incredible services for all our clients. Once you look over all the benefits of solar panels, you’ll understand why many business and homeowners are installing them. We’re the premier residential solar panel installers in Coldstream, British Columbia. Contact us if you’d like to find out more.

How Solar and Net Metering works:

1.  The sun shines down on your solar panels. Solar panels generate DC  (Direct Current) power.

2.  The inverter is the heart of the operation. It converts the DC power from the solar panels to AC power that used in the home. Inverters come in different shapes and sizes: String and hybrid inverters are larger and usually mounted on a wall outside or in the garage. Micro inverters are mounted on the roof under the panels.

3.  Your generated solar power is first consumed by your home. Any excess solar power is fed back into the grid. If you need more power than you generate, it is supplied from the grid as required. The BC Hydro grid essentially becomes your buffer for all your surplus and shortfall energy.

4.  Most homes already have a Smart Meter installed. The meter will measure how much energy is fed to the grid and how much is consumed by the home.

5.  BC Hydro gives you a 1:1 kWh credit for all power you feed into the grid.  Excess credit kWh’s is kept on your account until the anniversary date of your system. You can build up a credit in the summer and offset your entire annual electricity bill to close to zero. It’s basically one of the best deals on the planet!!

Learn more about the rates on BC Hydro Website

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Other Solar System Options

Commercial Grid-tie Solar businesses, farms, factories

Utilize the 30% Tax Credit for Solar
Accelerated CapEx depreciation
Save on electrical bills
Feed your excess power into the grid for a credit

Backup Power

Battery power to keep you going during an outage
Energy security
Power outage = No problem!

Off Grid Power

Cabins, Cottages, Homes
Full Off Grid systems
Solar + Batteries + Generator integration