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Our solar power systems generate clean, free energy from the sun’s rays that can power your home, offsetting your electrical bill and combating climate change in one beautiful step. 

There has never been a better time to go solar!

With the cost of solar having bottomed out a few years ago and the rising costs of utility supplied power, the payback of a solar power system in North Okanagan, BC, has become very viable. 

Add the $5,000 free grant and up to $40,000 zero interest loan, going solar makes a whole lot of financial sense.

Residential Grid-tie Solar for Homes

Produce your own power
Save on electrical bills
Do your part for the environment
Feed your excess power into the grid
Take advantage of the $5k grant and $40k loan program

Commercial Grid-tie Solar businesses, farms, factories

Utilize the 30% Tax Credit for Solar
Accelerated CapEx depreciation
Save on electrical bills
Feed your excess power into the grid for a credit

Backup Power

Battery power to keep you going during an outage
Energy security
Power outage = No problem!

Off Grid Power

Cabins, Cottages, Homes
Full Off Grid systems
Solar + Batteries + Generator integration

Are you ready for sustainable clean energy?

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