BC Solar Panel Rebates and Loans

The Government is currently giving away a $5,000 rebate

and up to $40,000 on a 10 year 0% interest solar panel loan

With the global push towards clean and sustainable energy, governments around the world are dishing out huge grants for solar. Canada has among the best incentives in the world.

The BC Hydro solar panel rebate also allows you to feed your excess solar power into the grid for a 100% credit, meaning you can build up a nice big credit in the summer and use that credit in the winter. So it is possible to get your annual energy bill very close to zero. 

Most residential solar systems cost between $20,000 to $35,000. So your solar system can be fully paid for by the government funding with an interest free loan for solar panels. 

If you look at the inflation value of the 0% loan, it equates to around another $5,000 saving, so you effectively get $10,000 more value for your solar system.

The BC solar panel rebate and solar panel loan means it truly is the best time in history to go solar! 

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