What is the Cost Of Solar?

The Short answer is $20,000 to $35,000 for a typical residential system.

The payback is usually just over 10 years!

In most cases your solar system can be fully paid for by government funds …who doesn’t want a FREE solar system?

The Government is currently giving away a $5,000 free rebate and up to $40,000 on a 10 year interest free loan!

The cost of systems depend on various factors, but generally you get more value for money on bigger systems. The cost of solar is also influenced by the products used, some components are cheaper while others may offer longer guarantees and the versatility to upgrade in future with battery storage or EV chargers. Some have module level electronics that can optimize and measure individual panels. Ground mounted systems are also usually a bit more expensive than roof mount systems.

To get an idea of what solar will cost for your home, get in touch and we can draw up a free estimate and model some solar on your roof.

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